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Client Testimonials

"Valencia's service was out of this world. She supported me through my pregnancy and labor with so much wisdom and tender care. I am appreciative. Valencia truly embodies what it means to provide emotional support. Her ability to listen enables her to hear and know what is in the best interest of her clients and their families. Due to her service, my second born came into an environment that I felt comfortable in and following his birth not one tear of overwhelming sadness fell from my eyes. I am grateful to the Most High for her and if it be, I look forward to working with her again in the future."


Anaya, Na'il and baby H 

"Our son is lucky enough to count Valencia as his first friend. She was there to help his mother bring him into the world, and help her heal afterward. Since then, Valencia has been there to help Donovan (and his parents) sleep better; provided much-needed advice and tips; and even supplied delicious, home-made lactation cookies. She did all of this during the summer of Covid-19, when we felt especially isolated. Valencia is a trusted advisor, carer and friend to our new family."

Robyn, Liam and baby D

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for Valencia! Experiencing 7 days of prodromal labor, followed by 27 hours of labor with no medication or epidural...I couldn’t have done it without her! She taught me to trust my body, and when my birthplan had to make a drastic change, she was there to emotionally support me.  She is extremely knowledgeable of the child birth process, and along with her warm and calming energy, she is the perfect person to be by your side during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods. Thank you Valencia, you have a true gift and I will always be grateful to you for helping to bring W into the world with us."

Lennear, Warren and baby W

"My husband and I always wanted Valencia to be our doula. She helped us with navigating and preparing for the birth of our daughter. Valencia provided us with support and education we needed to help us better understand our needs. The information she provided was very valuable to us. I loved that she included my husband in the process and was open to listening to his concerns. Valencia empowered us to be advocates for the health of our baby girl and allowed us to plan effectively. The emotional support we received was outstanding. Valencia always checked-in with us and provided a safe space for us to be vulnerable. Valencia was absolutely phenomenal during the labor and birth. There were so many moments where I wanted to give up and she was by my side every step of the way. Her encouragement meant so much to me. She gave me the strength I needed to push through.Valencia is very dedicated, compassionate, patient and is deeply invested in the service she provides. She does this work with her whole heart. Valencia's doula service was a very valuable investment especially for us as a family of color who need advocates in our corner to help navigate the medical system.We truly appreciate and are grateful for Valencia for all she has done for us. We will be definitely using her services again for baby number 2!"


Larnese, Justin and baby G 

“Working with Valencia (our Doula) before, during and postpartum was essential in our positive birthing experience. Prior to delivery she guided us, reassured us and provided my partner and I with a sense of compassion and stability. Prior to delivery she made us feel comfortable and confident as first time parents. During delivery she was able to advocate for us and ensure our “birth plan” was executed as planned. She helped my partner and I stay strong, calm and focused on our main goal which was a healthy mom and a healthy baby. Postpartum she was there to make ensure we were adjusting to having this new little human and was available to provide additional support and guidance to us. Overall we’re extremely grateful for Valencia’s contribution and presence. Having her services have made this experience a positive one for our little family."


 Menly, Patrick and Baby M

I had the pleasure of having Valencia guide me through my pregnancy as my Doula. I called many different Doula's in the Tri-State area and Valencia was the best. Our very first call she was very calming and informative, and after our call I was confident that I wanted to hire her. During my pregnancy my partner and I were in the middle of having a house built (which I do not recommend). Because of the pandemic the construction was halted which put us in a homeless situation. Valencia was so accommodating, she traveled to the Bronx, Long Island, and finally New Jersey to complete our appointments. I am so thankful that I was able to have her available for any questions that I had and to be an advocate for me during my pregnancy and delivery. I opted to have capsules made from my placenta which really helped with my postpartum, and she took it a step further and made a balm to help with my postpartum skin. Valencia is very knowledgeable and nurturing. She took the time to get to know me and then was able to provide the exact care that I needed. I highly recommend her, especially for first time moms and I will definitely call her for my next pregnancy.

Vantisha, Jose and baby A

"I cannot even begin to say enough about Valencia and her service. When I decided to encapsulate my placenta, I reached out to her. She got back to me very quickly and we scheduled a consultation. I knew from the minute that I got on the phone with her that I made the right choice. Not only did she give a very detailed description of what was going to happen to my placenta, but she listened to me. She listened with a wide open heart and held space for me as I told her about my prenatal experience and what made me switch to a home birth. After my consult with her, I felt light, I knew that I had received yet another blessing from the community of doulas and midwives who were helping me on my birthing journey. When the day came, Valencia was there to take my placenta, to prepare it for me and my wellbeing. She climbed the 5 flights of stairs up to my apartment and brought her wonderful energy into my home. After a few days, I had capsules, tincture, and a print. The consumption of my placenta has helped my mood and I strongly believe that it helped to increase my milk supply. More than anything, I had peace of mind that this organ that I grew along with my baby was cared for and treated with love and respect by Valencia. I’m so grateful for her work."

Scharisse, Robin and Baby D

"The moment I started chatting with Valencia at our first meet up, I knew I would be lucky to have her on my birthing team. I immediately felt calm in her presence, and as we spoke I realized that we saw eye to eye on all things pregnancy and childbirth. Her knowledge on the subject is extensive, and I knew that she would be a strong teammate during my low intervention natural birth. I also loved that she would come to my home to help me labor and ride with us to the hospital. Unfortunately my labor progressed too quickly for that to actually happen, but she and my midwife talked me through contractions on the phone as we drove to the hospital in rush hour traffic. During pushing, Valencia used her incredible strength to support me as I tried any position I wanted, and when my baby’s heart rate dipped, she and my midwife quickly, calmly, and without worrying me helped me get my baby out without resorting to a C-section. During the weeks after delivering, she checked in on me, and answered any questions I had. She came to visit and helped with breastfeeding, snuggled little Ruby, and brought some soothing herbs to help me heal. I would definitely recommend welcoming Valencia onto your birthing team!"


Megan, James and Baby R

"The difficulty of postpartum came somewhat as a surprise to me. I had read about the emotional difficulty, hormonal imbalance, and risks of post-partum depression, but I was very unprepared for the physical difficulty of post-partum. Giving birth to our baby girl was beautiful and was also the most intense physical experience my body had gone through. There were days where I felt like the pain would never go away but having Valencia's support during those weeks made a world of difference! So many memories come to my mind when I think about all the loving support Valencia provided to our family: from preparing an herbal bath for me to helping us give baby her first bath, from giving me a massage to binding my belly, from making me smoothies to helping my sister cook dinner, from coming with me to the pediatrician to helping my husband tie a wrap to carry the baby and so much more...The list could go on and on so I will just say that for any family looking for a doula to join their birth team, I wholeheartedly recommend Valencia. Beyond her knowledge and her passion for this work, what I will always remember and be grateful for is her calming presence and generosity of spirit."

Fatyma, Ihsan and baby D

"My journey with Valencia started shortly after finding out I was pregnant with my first child. I was filled with racing thoughts and emotions as I made the call to Valencia. I truly hoped she would say something that would make everything make sense! Valencia had a very calm, encouraging, and nurturing demeanor on that call. She made me feel like I could rule the world. She let me know it was okay to be afraid. She taught me through this experience that everything will not be perfect; and that it was okay. She made sure to give me some material to go over. She let me know my options. Encouraged me to always plan ahead: from doctors to hospital I will deliver at. And boy was I thankful she was always one step ahead. I think I can honestly say that at one point I dealt with every pregnancy symptom imaginable!! The more symptoms added to my list, the more discouraged I became. Valencia noticed this and always extended a helping hand! She would offer to pick things up I may need; offer to help me around the house; gave me advice on my very rough days; taught me how to use my resources; demonstrated tips and tricks that would help ease my pain; gave me a nutrition and activity plan; among MANY other things, all while keeping a smile on her face and love in her voice. Valencia knew my biggest fear was actual labor. She taught me how to use relaxation techniques as well as ways to get my body ready for birth. She never became frustrated, no matter how negative I had become. She was firm but always very loving during my negative bursts. The morning my water broke, fear took over me. My partner immediately called her and she knew exactly where I was and what needed to happen. She calmly told my partner what to do and how to get me ready for the hospital. My water broke at 2:30am and I delivered my baby at 5:56am. My baby was a healthy 8 pound 9 ounces. The nurses, my doctor (OB), and techs were all amazed at how dilated I arrived and how fast my labor was. Valencia held my hand every passing second in that delivery room. She encouraged me when I thought I had nothing left in me to continue. She kept my partner calm all while assisting my OB and not once did I ever feel she took her attention off of me. My postpartum care has been smooth thanks to all the tricks Valencia has taught and continues to teach me. Oh! How could I ever forget?! She was also always very sweet and kind to my hyperactive-overgrown-attention loving fur baby, Bane. I’m so happy she’s a doula; better yet, I’m happy she was MY doula. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life. My partner, my baby and myself couldn’t be happier with everything Valencia has done and continues to do for us. Valencia, I truly could never thank you enough!"


Johanna, Mitchell and baby M

"We were first-time expecting parents weighing our options. I saw no need for a doula, but my husband said maybe so. Every interaction with Valencia showcased her professionalism, ease, and experience. She helped us know we were choosing wisely. My biggest birthing fear was giving up and deciding I wasn’t strong enough. My greatest comfort birthing my child was Valencia by my side every moment, completely sure of herself and her role and of the process. In turn, she empowered me to follow suit, and a strong baby boy was born to two powerful parents."


Alyssa, Aaron and baby E

"I strongly recommend doulas to all my friends. I would specifically recommend Valencia for her relaxed aura and intuition to sense the sort of (hands on or off) support that the mother requires. The prenatal visits and information were also VERY helpful (esp. in the absence of birthing courses) to get to know each other and what to expect from the day. Her insight into how the different hospitals and even doctors operate was also very valuable. Being a bit more high strung myself, it was important to have someone that would balance the energy (with a calm manner). It was also important to me that the person was and came across confident, so that they would not feel intimidated by my partner or hospital staff. Valencia was just that for my partner and I. I was beyond satisfied with my birthing squad and her services in particular. I could not have wished for a better doula and next baby, it’s her again!"


Lucille and Chris

"We were so happy to have had Valencia as our night nurse/doula. We needed someone last minute and she came to us highly recommended. She took care of our daughter for almost 8 weeks and couldn't have done it without her. Her knowledge of newborn childcare and feeding schedules were right on par on how we were raising our daughter. She was kind and always went the extra mile to make sure I was well rested while she cared for our newborn. I definitely recommend Valencia. Very happy to have had her in our home!" 


Nipa, Vikash and baby Z

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