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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support births by medical induction and Cesarean Section? 

How does your role differ from that of a Midwife?

The key difference is that a Doula is not a medical provider. While your Midwife will provide medical care during prenatal and postpartum visits, as your Doula I will provide educational, emotional and physical support prenatally, during labor and postpartum. My role is to be by your side and act as a resource for holistic care throughout our time together. 

Do you provide lactation support?

Yes. Lactation support can be provided during postpartum sessions or as a separate service. For birth clients, lactation support is provided immediately following delivery.  This is not limited to in-person support, but can also be provided to virtual clients as well.

Does insurance cover your services?

At this time, I am only providing home birth support. In the event that you choose to or must transfer care to a hospital, I will provide continuous support in the hospital setting. 

How has your practice changed during COVID?

Can I encapsulate my placenta, if I am GBS positive? Can I encapsulate my placenta, if I have a C-section?

I l like to highlight that your partner cannot be replaced. As your Doula, I am there as a member of your support team. My goal is to provide care and support to you as the  birthing person and your family, which usually includes your partner. I, also, offer space and guidance to partners who would like to take a more active role in supporting their birth partner without added pressure. 

Why hire a Doula?

Recent studies show that hiring a Doula tends to have a positive impact on labor and delivery outcomes for birthing people. Having a Doula has been associated with a lower  need for medically inducing drugs such as Pitocin,  drugs for pain management such as an epidural, assistance via vacuum extraction and ultimately fewer unnecessary cesarean deliveries.  

My commitment as a Doula is to support my clients  from our first meeting and on, with information that allows you to make informed decisions, while knowing that you are not on this journey alone. 

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

In short, yes! During our consultation, we have a preliminary discussion on eligibility requirements for placenta encapsulation. 

For clients having a C-section, they will need to make sure that they notify staff and their OB of their choice to keep their placenta. IF a placenta needs to go to pathology, you may request to have a piece of your placenta sent to the lab and the rest packaged to take home. 

Due to the changing circumstances of the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am taking extra precautions by further limiting my exposure, by seeing far fewer clients, offering virtual services in place of many in-person visits and the flexibility for myself and clients to decide how to proceed with services, as restrictions and levels of comfort change. 

At this time, Doulas are still largely considered out-of-network service providers. I still encourage my clients to submit invoices for possible reimbursement. Some companies will reimburse you for care that falls under birth and postpartum services.  

I do , however, accept payment plans and some forms of bartering if applicable. 

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